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USD 286 Celebrates Post Secondary Success

USD 286 Celebrates Post Secondary Success

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Attached is the latest postsecondary data from KSDE.  This data shows a five-year average in graduation rate (percentage of students graduating with their cohort), success average (percentage of graduates on track to receive college degrees or certificates within 5 years) and effective rate (graduation rate multiplied by success average).  


I know many of you are more familiar with assessment data, like state assessments and ACT scores.  Those indicators are an important measure, however, the faculty, staff, administration and BOE at USD 286, believe the true measure of a school is how successful our graduates are after they leave USD 286.  


In the attachments, you will see the graduation rate, success average and effective rate for USD 286, as well as 13 other area schools.  As you can see, we rank near the top in graduation rate and are at the top in both success rate and effective rate.  While we believe this is a good starting point, we also understand the need to find more creative and innovative ways to ensure our students are successful after they leave USD 286 and to reach the state goals in graduation rate, effective rate and success rate.  


State postsecondary data:

Thank you for supporting our students!


Postsecondary Progress Data:  Graduation Average

West Elk 95%
Neodesha 95%
Central Burden 91%
Elk Valley 90%
Sedan 89%
Independence 89%
State Average   86%
Caney Valley 83%
Oxford 83%
Dexter  82%
Cedarvale 81%
Coffeyville  80%
Udall  72%
Cherryvale 71%


Postsecondary Progress Data: Success Average

State Average  54%
Sedan  52%
Caney Valley 52%
Dexter  51%
Cedarvale 50%
Udall  49%
Independence  49%
Oxford 49%
Neodesha 48%
Coffeyville 45%
Cherryvale 44%
Central Burden 42%
Elk Valley  41%
West Elk 40%


Postsecondary Progress Data:  Effective Average

Sedan 47%
State Average 46%
Neodesha 45%
Independence 44%
Caney Valley 43%
Dexter 42%
Oxford  41%
Cedarvale 40%
Central Burden 38%
West Elk 38%
Elk Valley 37%
Coffeyville  36%
Udall   35%
Cherryvale 31%