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Title I

School Wide Title I Program

Chautauqua County Community School USD 286

What is Title I?

Title I is a program through which our school district receives federal funding to provide supplemental instruction for students who qualify.  Title I services are based on the academic needs of students.  Students who qualify for academic support may be served in the areas of Language Arts and/or Mathematics.

Chautauqua County Community Schools have a School-Wide Title I program which means ALL students attending the buildings, K-12, are eligible for Title I services.  Students are given assessments throughout the year.  These assessments provide teachers with the data they need to be able to provide instruction and make academic recommendations to meet the specific needs of EACH child.

The goal of our Title I program is to provide the instructional services the students need in order to increase student performance and academic achievement.

Parents are an Important Part of our TEAM!

Parents influence their children's education more than any teacher or school.  Parent involvement can boost children's achievement.  By taking an active role in our schools, parents show their children that they are valued and their education is important.  Children learn that parents and the school are a team, working to help them succeed.

How Can Parents Participate...

  • Communicate:  Staying informed and responding promptly to all communications from the school or the school district.
  • Be an Example:  Showing your child that education is important by reading with them daily, attending parent/teacher conferences, and attending other school-sponsored activities.
  • Volunteer:  Participate and support parent involvement activities at school.  Check to see if you can be of assistance to your child's classroom or teacher.
  • Learn:  Stay up-to-date about the school, curriculum, special programs, Title I, and your rights and responsibilities.
  • Get Involved:  Join school/parent organizations (PTO) and other parent committees.
  • Collaborate with the Community:  Participate in parent activities with other families, know and use local community resources (libraries, universities, community centers, etc.) to increases skills and talents to obtain needed services for your child.

What is the School's Role in Supporting My Student's Success?

Title I schools are responsible for the following actions:

  • Plan and implement educational programs, activities, and procedures as required under Title I
  • Create and distribute a School/Family Compact
  • Hold an annual parent meeting to discuss the school's parental involvement plan and the rights of parents to be involved.
  • Conduct annual parent surveys
  • Involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of the Title I program, including the school parental involvement policy
  • Offer parental meetings when needed
  • Provide full opportunities for participation of parents with limited English proficiencies, disabilities, and parents of migratory children, and when appropriate, in a language and format that they can understand

Know Your Parental Rights

As a parent of a student in a Title I building, you may:

  • Ask for meetings and trainings
  • Request copies of your child's achievement scores
  • Request qualifications of your child's teacher
  • Review the school's achievement data
  • Review and modify the Title I parent involvement policy (available at parent nights or upon request)
  • Be notified if your child is being taught by a teacher that is "not highly qualified" for more than 4 consecutive weeks.

For more information, please contact:

Kay Hill, Superintendent 620-725-3187

Karla Cherico, Pre-K - 6 Principal 620-725-5611

Brian Rieschick, 7-12 Principal